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A jack of all trades
is a master of his own destiny.

I’m Jamie, and I’m an ideas man.
One of those creative folks who can tell stories, develop brands, take photos, create new concepts, design print & digital content, and even tell a good knock-knock joke.

Throughout my career I have been known as a go-to problem solver, with the past 8 years spent as a freelance consultant creative working across branding, marketing, editorial and advertising. By remaining forever curious and inquisitive, I seek out challenges that need a unique approach, combining an analytical understanding with my passion for my art.

OK, Let’s keep things simple…

No long-winded waffle about each and every service I can offer. That’s boring.
I know that every project needs its own mixture of different things. What I provide is what you need, when you need it.
But, to get the ball rolling, let’s break things down into the three main types of project that we can work on…

Brand Development

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been going for 100 years, there’s nothing wrong with getting an expert in from time to time. Make sure your branding, communications and methods are working in the right way for your business.

Creative Consultancy

In-house teams are great – until the creativity runs dry. That’s where I ride in, like a knight in shining armour on a magical unicorn of destiny. From ideation to development, from concepting to strategy, I’ve got your back.

Creative Services

Outsourcing – it’s a wonderful thing, so long as you have a trusted partner to deliver what you need. Well, if it’s design, copywriting, advertising, content creation, photography, video, websites, or digital work, I’m here for you.

Growing Brands.
Building Identities.
Cutting-Edge Creative.
That’s what I do everyday.

My mission is simple – Do wonderful things, in great ways, with good people. That’s what gets me out of bed in the morning.

I believe in the power of collaboration with my creative partners, working with agencies and in-house departments to develop new ideas and conquer new grounds.

When I work in a standalone capacity for SMEs, entrepreneurs and established brands, I like to take time to get to know the people behind the business. After all, who knows their venture better than they do? Combining my creative talents with their deep understanding of what they do will produce the best results to help them to tell their brand story.

With an approach built around human-centered design, purposeful decisions, and positive outcomes for my clients I truly believe that I can offer great solutions to the wide range of creative problems that are brought to me. From working with startups from early concepts through to launch, to teaming up with SMEs, national & global brands on developing their identities in engaging and innovative ways, my experience and ambition is what really sets me apart.

Supporting London's Youth with Great Design

Branding | Website | Print

Untapping the potential of an innovative digital business.

Branding | Website | Photo | Print

Building a marketing platform from concept to launch

Branding | Website | Print

Packaging design & branding with a punch.

Logo | Packaging | Website

An appealing brand with an effective online strategy.

Branding | Web | Print | Social

Oh, so you think you might need something else? That’s cool…

What you’re looking for doesn’t quite fit into one of those three areas. I’m fine with that. After all, I love a challenge.

 In that case, all you need to do is get in touch and tell me all about your project. I’m very friendly, and I don’t bite.
(In fact, I don’t even nibble…)

Looking for something to read?

Here’s where I keep the articles, thought pieces, stories and know-how that I like to share. I hope that whatever you read will make you feel enlightened, encouraged, and enriched. Enjoy!

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Want to know more?

You’re curious. That’s a wonderful thing. 
Why not make yourself a warm beverage and take a few moments to read a bit more about my history, approach, and what makes me tick?