Developing their Existing Brand

When a company is successful, you’d assume their branding is all in order, right? Well, that’s not always the case. Ducard had been growing fast over the previous 5 years, working with a wide array of clients to provide Content Marketing and SEO.

But while they had been busy pushing other companies, they’d hit a wall with promoting themselves. So they called me in to do my thing…

The logo that Ducard had in place was simple, clean and effective – so I improved it by changing absolutely nothing about it! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Instead, I built a set of strong brand standards around their logo that supported their professional image. I injected a burst of energy into the supporting graphic styles with a vibrant colour palette, alongside dynamic gradients that added a subtle movement into their print media.

The overall design uses a minimalist approach to the visual styling. Gone are the busy patterns, and in their place is strong & clean typography.

An Attractive Online Presence

It’s not quite right for any company to have a poor website, especially an SEO business!

By designing their brand to work in both print and digital formats, I carried the new Ducard branding onto a brand new website for them. Fully responsive and optimised for performance, we incorporated the same minimalist approach into an easy-to-navigate digital platform.

Continuing the photographic lead from the earlier print work, we used the same methods on their website. I empowered them with a system that would allow them to produce the same great quality content on their own site as they do for their clients.

Putting Faces to Names

When you’re a digital business, it’s easy to fall into the pitfal of becoming yet another faceless agency. That wasn’t going to happen to Ducard. What drives their company is their team, and each individual has their own personality and unique approach to the work they produce. To let the clients of Ducard see that, I photographed each of them in a relaxed and informal way – not your usual boring headshots!

An Attractive Online Presence

As creative partners go, we couldn’t think of anyone better than Jamie.

The level of research, insights and understanding that he achieves surpasses our expectations all the time, and he is always thinking two or three steps further down the road. Being able to work with a creative lead that not only shares our vision for our brand, but also adds their own expertise into the mix is worth every penny we spend with him.

He didn’t give us a brand – he brought it out of us. We honestly couldn’t recommend him enough!

Joe Winfield
Founder & Director of Ducard – SEO & Content Marketing Agency