Getting the right fit

Starting up a new high street store is one thing. Combining contemporary fashion with traditional tailoring is another. My client came to me with the same thing most start-ups do – a name, a business plan, and a scribbled logo idea on the back of an envelope.

To succeed in the high stakes world of the high street demands finesse in design, coupled with a service experience to rival and outperform the big names. We worked together to create a brand experience that felt as continuously smart as the clothing on offer, as bespoke as the garments tailor-made in the store, and with the same attention to detail in design as the client takes in their clothing.

The brand identity I created centred on a neolithic cave painting the client had discovered in Europe many years before, infused with natural tones derived from the local area.

Tailor made design

The store was to launch with a selection of curated clothing options from small designers, as well as offering an in-house tailoring and alterations service. The expansion plan for the business was to include handmade accessories such as ties and hats, so I designed the brand for use on packaging as well as shopfront paraphernalia.

Sizing it up

The business plan also included potential expansion into new locations, including upmarket urban areas to offer the best service to the right clientele. A sleek boutique feel was also incorporated into the expanded brand identity to appeal the market.

Alongside this was the House of Sambrook label for off-the-shelf clothing items designed by the client to suit the ready-to-wear customer base.